Sand Hill Finance LLC Converts Remaining Balance of IceWEB, Inc. Convertible Debenture

“We are confident in IceWEB’s management team and believe in their vision for the company’s future,” said Sand Hill Finances President, Mark Cameron. “We believe now is the opportune time to convert our debt to equity, fully aligning our interests with the company and its shareholders.” For more information please call 800-465-4637 or visit . To become part of the Companys e-mail list for industry updates and press releases, please send an e-mail to . This press release may containforward-looking statements.

The Role of Finance May Be Changing, But the Route to the Top Remains the Same

However, the available evidence suggests that if anything the reverse has happened, (see table). While 80% of FTSE Financial Directors continue to hold one or more accounting qualifications (and many of those that dont have an MBA or some other higher qualification typically relevant to their industry), it is evident that most still hold a qualification from one of the two bodies that are more orientated towards financial accounting rather than those that are more focused on management accounting. Despite the increasing focus on value creation, my guess is this is never going to change much even over the next twenty years because listed companies always need a head of finance who can tick all the traditional boxes of financing, M&A, compliance, reporting, taxation and investor relations. Such experience is undoubtedly best gained by spending part of ones career in an advisory role in one of the big accounting groups rather than diligently working away inside companies as a value-adding partner to ones peers, only to hit a glass ceiling when it comes to getting the senior position.

Finance Ministry all ears as banks line up plans to boost forex inflows

Suggestion like an NRI bond issuance similar to Resurgent India Bonds and shortterm NRI deposits were also made by the bankers. Banks have suggested that they should be allowed to raise NRI deposits of three to six months. At present banks cannot accept NRI deposits of less than one year. The ministry is expected to discuss the proposals with the RBI soon.


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