Atlas Air, Gilead Sciences and NYC Finance Department Named Pinnacle Award Finalists for Treasury Excellence

Gilead Sciences’ eight-member treasury team automated many manual processes, including multiple, unstandardized wire platforms. Along the way to improving real-time visibility into cash balances, the treasury team adopted new technology in less than eight months for more than 130 bank accounts in 30 countries with $2 billion in investments and $3.5 billion in foreign currency. The New York City Finance Department centralized data for bills and payments and improved speed, accuracy and customer service by creating the first city agency solely responsible for payments expertise, policy and procurement, providing guidance and services to agencies needing payment solutions.As the department developed fast, affordable and reliable electronic payments functionality to collect $49 billion of receipts generated by 36 individual agencies totaling 29 million individual payments, it also strengthened regulatory compliance. ABOUT AFP The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is the professional society that represents finance executives globally.

Sand Hill Finance LLC Converts Remaining Balance of IceWEB, Inc. Convertible Debenture

Converting the Sand Hill Finance note to equity is a major achievement for IceWEB, and has significantly strengthened our balance sheet and improved our cash flow position. Sand Hill Finance has been a great partner to us over the years, and their conversion of the debt at an above-market price is a reflection of their confidence in the direction of the Company, said Mark Lucky, Chief Financial Officer of IceWEB, Inc. “We are confident in IceWEB’s management team and believe in their vision for the company’s future,” said Sand Hill Finances President, Mark Cameron. “We believe now is the opportune time to convert our debt to equity, fully aligning our interests with the company and its shareholders.” For more information please call 800-465-4637 or visit . To become part of the Companys e-mail list for industry updates and press releases, please send an e-mail to .


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