Finance Committee Hold Public Hearing on Proposed Merrimack Valley Casino

In Crushing Blow, NYC Campaign Finance Board Denies John Liu Millions For Mayor’s Race

“We met with some of thegeneral managers of thehotels in the area and found their capacity rates are 50 percent,” Morris said.”We do not feel it would be appropriate to take away business from them so we’ll be looking to partner with them to help drive them to 70 or75 percent occupancy rates.” Finance Committee memberDamin Sutherby asked the hours the facility would be serving alcohol, and if free drinks would be served to patrons of the facility. Morris said free drinks would be served on a limited basis, and alcohol would not be served later than other bars and restaurantsin Tewksbury serve. “We do not plan to serve alcohol other than the times otherbars do in town,” Morris said.”We don’t want to take any business away from them. We will serve some free drinks, but we won’t be serving themto everyone who steps into the casino. It would be done on a limited basis.” Town Manager Richard Montuori added that the alcohol license for the proposed slots-only casino would be issued by the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission , and thus wouldn’t take away from the quota the town can issue.

He threatened that if the government does not tackle a number of key issues quickly, he will question the prime minister and other ministers in parliament. MP Maasouma al-Mubarak, normally close to the government, said she was shocked by the new cabinet line-up which indicates to new crises in the country after retaining ministers who could not perform. She did not name those ministers. The previous cabinet, also headed by Sheikh Jaber, resigned last week in a routine process following a general election.

Kuwait forms cabinet with new oil, finance ministers


Mike Johnston , Colorado Senate Bill 213 , Colorado Forum , Colorado School Funding Campaign , Colorado State Income Tax , Denver News Supporters of a ballot proposal for a Colorado school finance overhaul said they delivered over 160,000 signatures Monday. That’s nearly twice the amount of signatures required to place the measure on the November ballot asking voters to increase income taxes nearly $1 billion a year to pay for public school upgrades. State elections officials have just under 30 days to look at a 5 percent random sample to determine the validity rate of the signatures. At least 86,000 signatures need to be valid in order for the measure to make it onto the ballot. The $950 million initiative known as Initiative 22, would raise money for Colorado education through a change in the state’s income tax structure.

Colorado School Finance Overhaul Coalition Turn In Over 160,000 Signatures Calling For Nearly $1 Billion Tax Hike

But he was banking on a windfall of city matching funds to help put him on essentially a level playing field. Under the citys campaign finance system, candidates who agree to cap their spending are eligible for the public assistance. The system gives participating candidates $6 for every $1 raised on contributions of $175 or less from city residents. Liu had gathered enough of those small, local donations to qualify for the maximum public funding $3.53 million in the contentious Democratic primary. Before the board meeting, close to 200 protesters blocked Rector Street, with pro-Liu forces in orange t-shirts getting into shoving matches with detractors accusing him of ties to the Chinese Communist Party.


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