Wielding Finance, Innovation And Policy To Make An Impact In Climate Change

What factors will create the confidence necessary for developed countries to adequately fund new innovative institutions in this space, such as the Green Climate Fund? Developed countries and policy tools like the Green Climate Fund will play a critical catalytic role in financing green, climate friendly growth. Public financing need to be designed with private finance mobilization in mind blending small amounts of public funds with the flexibility and accountability that will create investor confidence, make for attractive investments, and ensure maximum impact for the public finance that is allocated. We have learned from the Climate Investment Funds (CIFs) and other tools how to blend public and private finance effectively, and now need to build the GCF and other solutions with these lessons in mind. What character and approach do you think new institutions in this space will need to take in order to be effective, both as investors and as part of the international community?

Premier car cos bet high on finance offers to push sales

Under Bullet finance, the customer has to pay a normal EMI for the 11 months of the year and a comparatively bigger amount at the year-end. The idea is to make him able to pay a higher sum when his company makes profit at the year end. Similarly, under Balloon finance, the customer has to pay a lump sum amount at the last EMI. Finance options are available at Mercedes too through its own finance arm, Daimler Finance.


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