Weil’s Views on Finance

Tightening the Belt: 5 Things that You Shouldn’t Finance If You’re on a Budget

The Daily Mail writes that the firm was sweating on Monday night over the size of fines it might suffer for its role in the collapse of MG Rover, the carmaker. A tribunal found the firm and a partner had displayed a persistent and, in our view, deliberate disregard for proper accounting practice. No worries, though. Deloitte will pay whatever fine it must, and then move on to the next scandal. Yet another sign were in a Fed-fueled bond bubble Investors are pumping money into junk bonds globally at the fastest pace ever while tempering their enthusiasm for higher-rated debt, demonstrating a preference for yield over stability, writes Lisa Abramowicz of Bloomberg News.

Serbian PM says told coalition that finance minister should go

Dinkic said he would remain as finance minister, while the economy portfolio would go to the SNS, Serbia’s biggest party, paving the way for a fuller cabinet reshuffle. Dinkic had previously resisted splitting up his ministry, but Prime Minister Ivica Dacic warned on Saturday that the coalition would go on without him if he did not. Financial markets seem likely to welcome Dinkic’s continued presence in government. He has slowed the rate of increase of Serbia’s budget deficit and public debt, which had ballooned to all but scuppered hopes of a new precautionary loan from the International Monetary Fund.

Serbian finance minister cedes economy brief, averts risk of snap poll

Here are 5 things that should definitely not be financed. 1.Wedding Dresses Last year, I was the maid of honor in a wedding, and I went with the bride to go dress shopping. We decided to check out one of those big stores that have good deals sometimes. While she was trying on a few dresses, I waited outside. There was a girl in the dressing room next to ours who’d found the dress she’d always wanted.

“This is very bad timing given that global markets are still quite nervous and I think still there’s a bit of a question about the budget financing story anyway,” Standard Bank analyst Timothy Ash told Reuters. “I don’t think Dinkic himself was absolutely central but his participation and his party’s participation in the coalition was important to counterbalance the center-left Dacic,” he added. Without URS’s 16 seats, the remaining coalition parties would still hold a slim majority in parliament. Weeks of fraught negotiations over the reshuffle have raised the risk of a snap election that would almost certainly delay the start of European Union membership talks scheduled for January.


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