Big finance is strangling innovation

D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

Regulate employment contracts to ensure that workers who contribute to the innovation process get to share in the gains from innovation. Create work programs that make use of and enhance the productive capabilities of educated and experienced workers whose human capital would otherwise deteriorate through lack of other relevant employment. Move toward a tax system that channels some of the money made on the gains from innovation toward government agencies that can invest in the public knowledge base needed for the next round of innovation. Weve still got plenty of innovation left in us, but we have to change our priorities and make the financial economy subordinate to the productive economy. That would go a long way toward getting Wall Street off our backs and allowing America to once again be a place where energetic people thrive and work together to produce great things.

Simon Hamilton appointed new finance minister

The move was announced by DUP leader and first minister, Peter Robinson, on Monday. The change had been expected because of a forthcoming ban on double jobbing at Westminster and Stormont. Mr Robinson said that in two years Mr Wilson would have to choose between the assembly and Westminster. Should he decide to stay in the assembly Mr Wilson would be a “high priority” for consideration as a minister again in the future, Mr Robinson added. Mr Robinson said Mr Hamilton had demonstrated his “tremendous capability and hardworking mind-set” in various positions both inside and outside the assembly.

The board deferred action after referring the matter to the U.S. attorneys office. That investigation resulted in Mr. Browns resignation as council chairman after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of violating a city campaign statute and to felony bank fraud unrelated to the campaign.


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