Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data

Finance companies and fictitious accounts

According to a survey by CEB Financial Planning and Analysis Leadership Council, 71% of FP&A teams say that they fail to consistently deliver meaningful insights to the business. The problem is that the amount of available data to analyze has exploded in the past five years. Until recently, there wasnt a need for Big Data specialists, because there simply wasnt the ability to organize data in a way that enabled effective decision making. Segmenting audiences and sampling opinions was the best even rigorous theorists could do.

Uncommon Jobs For Your Finance Degree

Business development skills are critical sooner or later in your career. The novice who shuns – or worse, looks down upon – a sales job eventually runs into his or her inability to be promoted beyond middle management . Startup Company/Entrepreneurial Role In your search for career opportunities, you might come across startups with interesting product or service offerings. As a caution, most startups fail within their first five years.

The spectacular Golden Key collapse is still fresh in the countrys collective memory. It had been followed by robust calls for increased Monetary Board supervision. How did the CB, which is tasked with regulating finance companies, go so wrong again? We do examine their accounts, insisted B.


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