Major focus on home finance opportunity: Indiabulls Hsg Fin

Is there morality in personal finance?

The housing finance company license is far more appropriate for us. Q: Under what entities the bank license is being applied for and is this restructuring a part of the process to eventually get a banking license? A: The bank license has been applied as a two step down subsidiary to the IBHFL Company itself. So, there is going to be 100 percent subsidiary which would be the non operative holding company and that would then eventually promote the banks.

Why do physicists gravitate towards jobs in finance?

The most famous equation in finance was published in 1972 and is named after American economists Fischer Black and Myron Scholes. The Black-Scholes equation provided a means to value “European options”, which is the right to buy or sell an asset at a specified time in the future. Remarkably, it is identical to the equation in physics that determines how pollen grains diffuse through water. Intellectual connections such as these are why so many physicists are interested in problems in finance and, in part, why so many have been recruited into the financial sector.

Finance Officer, Peshawar

The IRC is leading a USAID-funded Pakistan Reading Project PRP to improve the quality of reading in public and private schools, supporting at least 2.5 million additional primary school students to read at a level commensurate with standards at their grade level. This goal will be supported by the mutually-reinforcing components of teacher education and professional development (PD), systems reform, and civil society engagement SCOPE OF WORK The Finance Officer works with the Finance Manager and other members of the finance department to ensure an efficient and effective processing of the financial documents. The Finance Officer will have a thorough knowledge of financial and administrative policies and procedures. RESPONSIBILITIES Coordinate with banks and financial institution with regards to project activities. Assist in closing of accounts and preparation of monthly expense report.

Taking responsibility is the key lesson, and its a virtuous one that can definitely be applied to other aspects of life. More Coverage Part of being frugal, at least the moral part of it, is not taking more than what you need not just because you can’t afford it, but because you want to leave more for everyone else. Kirstin Wong Editor’s note: This article by Kristin Wong originally appeared on the personal finance blog, Get Rich Slowly . It has been reprinted here with permission. A while back, my blogger friend and fellow GRS writer Holly Johnson wrote about a healthy dose of lifestyle inflation . In that article, someone made a side point that there shouldnt be morality in personal finance it should be about practicality.


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