Google Finance now displays stock exchange data for Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, Austria, and Switzerland

China Finance Minister Warns Fed Over Risks of Exiting Easy-Money Policies

The five in question are: BM&F Bovespa (Brazil) The Stock Exchange of Thailand SIX Swiss Exchange Wiener Borse (Austria) This takes Google Finance up to more than 40 stock exchanges from around the world, and is in addition to its mutual fund data, indexes and currencies. Google Finance was first launched back in 2006, and as well as displaying real-time financial data from the worlds markets, it also reels in information and articles from other Google products, including news and blogs. Feature Image Credit Thinkstock

Just before the financial crisis hit in 2008, nearly half of Canadian new vehicle sales were leases, he said. But the market quickly dried up because automobile manufacturers couldnt secure the capital to finance the leases. The longer financing terms essentially allow Canadian car buyers to have a similar, lower monthly payment to when they leased a vehicle, he said, although they would now own the vehicle at the end of the term. For the auto industry, the net effect is also largely unknown because the switch to longer terms is a fairly new phenomenon, he added.

Finance minister Jim Flaherty keeps close eye on long-term car financing

Federal Reserve needs to guard against risks to the international financial system as it considers exiting from its easy money policies. Speaking near the end of two-days of high-level U.S.-China strategic and economic talks, Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said China backs an exit based on a slow, but steady U.S. recovery. But it should pay careful attention to the impact of its policy on the international financial system and properly handle the timing, tempo and intensity of its quantitative easing monetary policy exit, Mr.


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